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My wedding packages vary from simple Wedding Day Documentary packages, to Highlight Films and Hybrid Reels.

I am based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, but I do travel. My wedding videography has taken me to Atlanta, Huntsville, Birmingham, Knoxville, Nashville, Lexington, and beyond. Some of my favorite weddings from elopement weddings, to 3 day events, I've filmed a wide variety all over the South Eastern States.

Below I have a few samples of my wedding films. More can be viewed at For booing inquiries, or to get a quote on your wedding film, please click the "contact me" button below. I build each wedding videography package from scratch. Every wedding is unique, so why should every wedding film be the same? Not many people really love to be on camera, and most are pretty shy about having to record themselves act or speak while being recorded. My years of experience recording commercials and corporate advertising gives me the insight and understanding to make the filming process easy and simple. I try to create moments throughout the day to capture the feels and love shared during the wedding. I want your whole wedding day to be special and enjoyable, so I work arm in arm with your other vendors to make sure the whole day moves along smoother than butter on a hot skillet. Let's cook-up your love story together.

Wedding Highlight Films

Wedding Highlight Films

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Out of everything you invest in for your wedding day, the memories are the only thing that will last. A wedding film keeps those memories alive for years and generations to come. Discounts and custom packages available.

Wedding Package Pricing Chart

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